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Old Guys Rule Awards First Badge of Honor
Old Guys Rule recognizes unsung heroes with a Badge of Honor award. The first recipient was a surgeon from San Clemente, Dr. Gus Gialamas. Traveling Surgeon …...
John Wayne Cancer Foundation, John Wayne T-shirts
Old Guys Rule
Old Guys Rule Blog
Drop it all, live on a beach, and paint all day long
Drop it all, live on a beach, and paint all day long
Have you ever wanted to drop everything and live on the beach and paint all day …...
Old Guys Rule Gallery
Don Miller
Don Miller
Amigo and me on the range in Northern Colorado....
Old Guys Rule Lounge
Grab a cold one. Pull up a chair. Speak your mind. Welcome to the Old Guys Lounge.
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Stewart Surf Shop
Bill Stewart Surfboards has been in San Clemente for over 30 years. He is the true father of the modern longboard, with a selection of boards suited for surfers of all abilities. Over the years Stewart Surfboards has become synonymous with high quality, hand-crafted custom boards, especially performance longboards. His boards are used by great surfers worldwide. He is also known for his beautiful airbrush artwork available in frames or on boards. In Bill's store is a great selection of all the most recent Old Guys Rule tees, hats, fleece and accessories. Stop by and check out what they have to offer. You can also contact them via email:
Stewart Surf Shop website